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This chart goes back seven generations to 1822. We are descended from Thomas Cooker (b 1856) mentioned below and on the next chart. However, I have also researched the branch of our family descended from Walter Albert Cooker, you can read about this branch of the family here.

John Alfred and Hannah COOKER, had six daughters, viz:-

William Henry CUCKER or COOKER (bap 22 Nov 1822 at All Saints, Maidstone)

William was only 12 when his father died and it is possible he and his mother went to stay with relations. At least they do not appear to have been in Maidstone at the time of the 1841 census. William was back in Maidstone by 1848 because on the 28 Feb in that year he married Ellen Webster at Trinity Church, his profession being given as waterman. By 1861 he was a gas pipe fitter but in 1871 he was back to working on the wharf again. He died on the 10 Aug 1874 at Hart Street, Maidstone of Phthisis.

Ellen died on the 19 Apr 1876, also at Hart Street, Maidstone, of Liver disease and dropsy. The informant in both cases was their daughter Jane Spicer.

Jane COOKER (born c 1848)

Jane was married by 1874 when she was the informant on her fathers death certificate. Her husbands name was James Spicer and they lived as lodgers at 8 Albert Street, Maidstone. There are no children recorded in the 1881 census.

William COOKER (born 18 June 1850 at Windmill Row, Wharf Lane, Maidstone.)

William died unmarried in 1872.

John Alfred COOKER (born 11 May 1852 at Saint Peter Street, Maidstone)

John married on the 25 Dec 1878 at St Peter's Church, Maidstone Hannah Avenell, whose sister Fanny had married to his brother Thomas. John lived and worked in Maidstone all his life. In his will he requested that only horse drawn carriages be used at his funeral.

Matthew COOKER (born 3 March 1854 at Saint Peter St., Maidstone)

Matthew died in boyhood.

Thomas COOKER (born 19 August 1856 at Saint Peter St., Maidstone)

Thomas is our direct ancestor, his story is told on the next chart.

George COOKER (born c 1858 at Maidstone)

George died in boyhood.

Mary Ann COOKER (born 8 Nov 1860 at Danns Yard, High St., Maidstone)

Nothing further known at this time.

Caroline COOKER (baptised 28 Feb 1864 at Saint Peters Church, Maidstone)

Nothing further known at this time.

Ellen COOKER (bap 5 Feb 1865 at Saint Peter's Church, Maidstone)

Ellen never married. My father told me she was a tall thin woman who had steel false teeth and wore a cossack hat - he said she used to scare him !

Walter Albert COOKER (Baptised 29 Nov 1867 at Saint Peter's Church, Maidstone)

We are not directly descended from Walter, however, I have researched his branch of the family. You can read about this research here.

Julia COOKER (born c 1869 at Maidstone)

Nothing further known at this time.


One nice touch is that after the early death of their parents the younger children were not taken into care, Ellen stayed with Thomas, whilst Walter and Julia lived with John Alfred.


Saint Peter's Church - Maidstone

It is actually one of the oldest buildings in Maidstone, but at the beginning of the nineteenth century was in a very dilapidated state, having for many years been used for storage by a firm of brewers. In 1836 it was restored and a new transept was added. It was opened for public worship in July 1837, and was the family church when they lived in the Saint Peter Street and Hart Street areas.

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